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Career Development

When employees ask for career opportunities, they may be looking for more challenge, more meaning, more balance, more development, more recognition — all of which may be achieved without more jobs.

Most employees do not define career goals by traditional notions of advancement.

That’s good news for employers facing workforce reductions and shifting priorities. When individual employees define what career success means to them, they’re better positioned to increase satisfaction and performance in their current jobs or make the lateral moves required by organizational redeployment of talent.

Our research indicates nearly half of all employees are looking for interesting or meaningful work in their next career move. And there’s plenty of work to be done to drive your bottom line. When career development processes address career in the context of organizational priorities, everyone wins.

Employees can’t succeed on their own, however. Therefore career development initiatives need to be employee-driven, not employee-exclusive. Managers are well positioned to support career development because they are familiar with the organization’s changing performance needs and individual team members’ talents and goals. Our experience indicates that they don’t need to have all the answers or be ready to hand over their own job.

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BlessingWhite Career Research 2014

Download the 2014 Career Research - or watch a webcast of the research overview [video] [slide deck]

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We work with you where you are – whether you are beginning to focus on career development, have a vast array of career resources for employees to access or are somewhere in between.

Our experienced consultants will determine a custom strategy and choose from a range of processes and tools for:

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