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Inspiring & Engaging Technical Talent

Technical professionals possess specialized skills and expertise. They include programmers, engineers, analysts, scientists, creatives, technicians and accountants. Organizations of all sizes across all industries depend on them.

Three out of four of the leaders we recently surveyed agreed that the technical professionals they manage do not share the same needs and concerns as the workforce at large. That finding didn’t surprise us. We have studied technical professionals and their leaders for more than two decades.

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In our experience, technical professionals value a blend of autonomy, achievement, collegial support and sharing, participation in mission and goals, professional identification and keeping current. It takes a highly skilled leader to accommodate those needs and focus individual talents on what the organization needs.

As if that wasn’t enough, our research indicates that many leaders of technical professionals face additional challenges:

  • Delivering more with fewer resources most likely while they’re see-sawing between completion of their own projects and coaching their team through theirs
  • Transitioning from a technical expert to a leader who can guide and engage a team of experts
  • Managing a growing number of culturally diverse and/or virtual team members

How We Can Help

We understand the unique challenges you face in engaging and developing a highly technical workforce. We offer proven processes and tools for...

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