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BlesingWhite Webcasts are free, informative discussions around our core areas of expertise: leadership and employee engagement.


Our webcast series is an opportunity for us to share our thinking, our point-of-view and best practices with a wide audience. All the sessions are free and are recorded for later playback. To get a list of upcoming webcasts, please visit the events page . To suggest topics for future webcasts please contact us by email or use the quick comments box on the left.

Past events you can listen to now

Here are some of our more recent webcasts. If you have any questions after watching these please feel free to contact us by email or use the quick comments box on the left.

Navigating Ambiguity: 2014 Career Research
An overview of the findings from the 2014 Career Global Survey – looking at data, defining the employee's needs and the actions organizations are taking to meet them.  Watch the presentation.
Leading Technical People +
An overview of BlessingWhite's technical leadership program. Covering the learning approach and explain how we rethought and redesigned the program to address the specific needs of this audience.  Watch the presentation.
Surveys Alone Don’t Change Anything – Webcast Series
Part 1: Explore the most common mistakes and best practices  Watch the presentation.
Part 2: Engagement is an individualized Equation:  Watch the presentation.
The Coaching Conundrum - 2013
Managers love to coach and see the impact. Employees like to be coached and see it as a way to improve their satisfaction and their contribution. Yet 48% of employees report not gettgin coached. What gives?   Watch the presentation.
Surviving (and even thriving) in a Matrix
Organizations adopt Matrix structures to adapt to today's complex, global environment. Employees and managers however find Matrix structures challenging...   Watch the presentation.
Six characteristics that make expert employees more challenging to lead. Lessons learned in helping new leaders coach and inspire their expert teams to succeed instead of micro-managing them out the door! [2013]
Turn Smart Doers into Smart Leaders.
Employee Engagement

An overview of BlessingWhite's
2011 Employee Engagement research.
Watch the presentation.
Leading Out Loud™

Author Terry Pearce on the principles and practice of leadership communications.
Watch the presentation.
Why Should Anyone Be Led by YOU?
Discover the core concepts and framework behind Blessingwhite’s new Leadership work-out based on the work and research of Professors Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones. Watch the presentation.
Five strategies for a succession planning process that responds to the increased pressures on organizations to deliver results and meets the aspirations of your top talent. [Sept 2009]
Securing the Future.